We are Jordex

The world is our playing field. We know no boundaries. We focus all our energy on our clients, because only the very best service is good enough to conquer the world. Your products are our purpose. We ensure that they reach the proper destinations all over the world. This requires expertise, perseverance, and loyalty.

We lead the way, committing ourselves to action and investing in the future. People and the environment are our most precious assets and we work for them tirelessly. We are strong, fit, and demand the utmost of each other. Always striving for progress. Hard work is in our DNA, exercise is in our blood. We are not show horses, but work horses. We don’t waste time, but get things done.

Our customers keep us motivated. Your trust is what drives us. That's why we're here for you. Every day. You show us the world, and we conquer it together with you. We are Jordex!

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