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Belgian customs procedure as from 15/10/2019

The Customs procedure will be adjusted for all export cargo from Antwerp and Zeebrugge as from 15th of October 2019. From that date, it is mandatory to register the export Customs document via the E-desk at least 24 hours prior to the ship's arrival at the relevant port and pre-registration will enable Customs to screen the cargo delivered to the Port of Exit prior loading on board vessel.

Terminals at Antwerp and Zeebrugge will cancel loading if documents are not registered in E-desk. Any consequence and charges (storage/quayrent/D&D etc.) resulting from shut out of loading due to missing documents registration in e-desk is for merchant (shippers) account. As per info received Customs fines will go up to EUR 7500.00 per violation.

Notice Communication_ABAS_ASV_KVBG_EN_2019_09_30 refers to the Port of Antwerp but same is valid for Port of Zeebrugge. Please also note Customs declaration should show Office of Exit, i.e. either Antwerp BE101000 or Zeebrugge BE343000 depending on port of loading.

Through this link registration and upload of documents can be done for shipments ex Antwerp and Zeebrugge. Registration with e-desk is free of charge. A complete user guide can be found in the help menu once logged in.

Next to pre-registration requirement through e-desk please be guided that since 30th September 2019 local carrier agents are submitting Customs export manifest to the Customs at Office at Exit. Container numbers passed to Customs are based on B/L registration in Iris2/Iris4 system and Customs are cross checking with the info received at Exit.

If you have any questions please contact Dennis den Rooijen.

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