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Covid outbreak in Shenzhen sparks fears of trade disruption

There is a corona outbreak in the fourth largest port in the world. The port of Yantian is partially closed, disrupting container traffic and further raising prices.

Last week, the first personnel tested positive at the port that plays an important role for trade between China and Europe and the US. Following the rapid increase in the number of infections, strict quarantine measures have been imposed.

Operations at the western part of the Yantian International Container Terminal have been halted. The eastern section is still running at thirty percent. Rows of ships are waiting in front of the port. Shipping companies are canceling sailings and trying to divert to the port of Nansha (Guangzhou), a port in the same province with fewer problems.

The delays have now increased from seven to eight days to eleven to twelve days. Only a small part of the containers that were to be transported according to contract can be taken along. The rest have to be placed on the spot market.

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