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Developments Latin American Seafood sector

Latin American seafood exporters were well represented during the 2017 edition of the Seafood Expo Global.  This international trade fair, which takes places in Brussels, draws 1,800 exhibitors from over 75 countries each year. This makes it the largest and most important trade fair for the seafood sector at a worldwide scale.

We hereby provide you with an overview of the most important developments in the Latin American seafood sector.

Ecuador The import of Ecuadorian seafood has become a lot more attractive thanks to the new trade agreement between Ecuador and the European Union. Under this agreement, the tariffs have been eliminated for 99.7% of Ecuadorian exports to Europe  since the beginning of this year. As seafood also falls under the trade agreement, the Ecuadorian government has launched a campaign to promote Ecuadorian shrimps in Europe.

Peru The export of fish and other seafood has always been a major industry for Peru. In recent years, Peru has invested heavily in modernizing and making the sector more sustainable. To further promote Peruvian seafood, a new super food campaign was launched during the Seafood Expo Global.

Peru has had significant success in previous superfood campaigns for products such as cereals, fruits and vegetables in the past few years. By also including seafood, Peru aims to highlight the healthy properties of tuna, anchovy, and mackerel. Seafoods such as mahi, octopus, scallops, trout, squid, and paiche will also be promoted under the super foods campaign.

Europe is Peru's main export market. Despite a decline in exports due to the El Niño phenomenon earlier this year, growth is expected to recover in the short term.

Brazil The outlook for the Brazilian seafood sector is currently much more positive than it has been in the past few years. The economic and political crisis the country has been going through has also had a negative effect on the Brazilian seafood sector, due to the drastic decline in national consumption levels, amongst other reasons.

According to representatives of the Brazilian seafood industry, the sector has fully recovered since the beginning of this year. Countries such as the Netherlands, France and Taiwan, are showing a renewed interest in Brazilian seafood, which is expected to lead to an increase in exports to these countries.

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