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Explosion port area Beirut

The massive attack in Beirut has resulted in a catastrophic outcome in the port area of ​​the Lebanese capital. In excess of 100 hundred people have died, with that figure expected to rise, buildings have been destroyed and the harbour is in ruins.

The explosion took place yesterday afternoon in a shed on a pier in the heart of the harbour. It contained 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate, which had been stored in the warehouse for six years. This highly explosive substance is extensively used as a fertilizer and, in combination with a flammable substance, is a widely utilized substitute for dynamite.

According to Lloyd's List Intelligence (LLI), thirteen ships were in port at the time of the explosion, including the container giant CMA CGM Lyra of 11,356 TEU . It is not yet known whether the ships are damaged. The investigations are ongoing.

The current situation in the Lebanese port cannot yet be properly assessed. We can, however, take account of delays and any associated congestion. For questions or more information about the current circumstances, please contact your account manager.

Should your cargo require quicker transportation to or from Beirut, then please have no hesitation in contacting us with regards to all available airfreight options. Beirut Airport is fully operational and our Jordex Air Cargo  colleagues are more than happy to assist.

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