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Jordex colors in new style

Great news! We have given our corporate identity a new, fresh and contemporary look. From the need for uniformity by all Jordex offices, we have reviewed our corporate identity and designed a new logo that all entities will carry from now on.

The new Jordex style is supported by a color palette of blue and black as primary colors, orange as contrasting color and a "touch of" gold for the details in our publications. Colors that express positivity, confidence, innovation, success and strength, which we can measure up to and which reflect who the faces of Jordex are. A nice additional fact is that our contrasting color orange is one of the favourite colors of both men and women.

With this, the Jordex colour palette below was created, of which you have already had a glimpse via our socials, website and in our email signatures. From now on, we will gradually color all of our communications to the new style.

Jordex has opened a number of new offices in the last five years. Through our socials, we keep you informed of news and developments from the world of transport and logistics, and we post content that reflects the internal commitment of Jordex. The expansion with new offices, has widened the service range of Jordex, all with the same Jordex DNA. Follow us now on Jordex via LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram and stay up to date on the news of all logistic developments and solutions.

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