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Friday 26 of May, depending on the moon calendar, Ramadan will start for Muslims worldwide. Offices reduces workingdays with two hours in Islamic countries such as the United Arab Emirates.

Eid Al Fitr will start, depending again on the moon calendar or country on Sunday the 25th of June. During Eid al Fitr all offices are closed.

Exporting companies to Islamic countries will probably notice a peak in shipping before the Ramadan. Also the demand of certain products used during the Ramadan increases.

During the Ramadan people whish each other Ramadan Kareem of Ramadan Mubarak, also more is given to charity. Important during business trips or holidays is to not eat, drink or smoke in public. Many restaurants are closed during the day and alcohol is not being served.

A good way to get to know your business partner is by being invited for Iftar, the meal that breaks the fast after sunset. If you are invited, bring something like a box of dades.

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