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The train as part of intermodal transport

Roads are getting fuller and fuller, over time technology will replace the job of truck driver and people are increasingly opting for an environmentally friendly solution. In Europe train transport as part of intermodal transport grows rapidly.

To encourage the use of rail, the focus of the European policy is to improve rail connections between the Member States. Because train transport is the modality with the lowest CO₂ emission, speed is one of the biggest advantages and rail transport is increasingly being chosen.

Due to our network with different carriers, we are able to connect the most important transport hubs in Europe. Land transport has many variables, that serves in close relationship with each other and determine the logistical success.

Is road transport your only option or is your shipment suitable for a more economical and environmentally friendly alternative: by rail or by inland vessel? Our Intermodal Manager is happy to advise you on intermodal options based on their strengths. For more information or questions, please contact Robert den Haan.

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