The indispensable link in the logistics chain

Anywhere in the world, road transport is an indispensable link in the logistics chain. We love the logistical chess game which is inland transport. It requires grappling with an almost infinite number of variables that function in close relationship with each other and determine logistical success.

Thanks to our expertise in intermodal transport, we are able to extend our services to individual road, rail or inland waterway transport. Today, transportation requires more than just putting the goods on the right truck, train or boat. This is where our experience and knowledge are invaluable. It goes without saying that we can provide you with an integrated logistics plan to get your goods to and from the most remote locations, if need be.

We weigh the various transport options, the cost, and speed, and on this basis that we determine the best transport route. In this manner we can offer added value to your projects by carrying out the pre- and post-transport via barge, train or truck.

At Jordex, we coordinate all storage and trans-shipment at or around the terminal, and of course we take care of all the administrative matters, local laws, and regulations. With almost 35 years of experience, we know the European hinterland by heart. Let our transport team guide your goods to the proper destination.

Irene Noordzij

Intermodal Representative

Lonneke Mensing

Intermodal Representative

Pascal Pardo

Intermodal Representative

Devin van Opstal

Intermodal Representative

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